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If you are selling your home here are a few tips to help make your buyers love your home.

 1.  Dirt - Nothing turns off a buyer quicker than a dirty house!  You must present your home in the best possible condition.  If your carpets are worn out, then replace them and if they are relatively new, you should at least have them shampooed.  The home should be neat and clean and free of all debris. 

 2.  Odors - Make sure your home smells fresh and inviting.  Any pet? Please make sure that your home does not smell like a litter box or have a doggie smell.  You may love your pets but other might not!  Homeowners should shy away from cooking fried food, fish or greasy food.

 3.  Old Fixtures - You need to change out old fixtures in your house. New cabinet hardware and door knobs will make a big difference.  Same goes for outdated ceiling fans, light fixtures and kitchen appliances. These old items will turn off a buyer.  This could keep you for getting your highest price.

 4.  Wallpaper - Wallpaper is a definite no-no.  Wallpaper is a pain to remove and just adds another chore to a buyer's to-do list.  What is the odds that someone will walk in your door and like that wallpaper that you picked out.

 5.  Popcorn Acoustic Ceilings - Home décor changes. At one time this was a great style but now potential home owners see this as another major repair item on their list.

 6.  Too Many Personal Items - When buyer's tour a home they are trying to see how this home fits them.  Buyers get distracted looking at your family photos. ("Oh I wonder if I went to school with them?")  Sellers should eliminate personal items, including family photos, personal effects and even unique colors.

 7.  Snoopy Sellers - Leave your home when a showing is scheduled for your property.  Buyers and Realtors usually bristle when the owner greats them at the door.  Buyers can't voice what they like or dislike about the house thinking that they might be offending the owners.

 8.  Misrepresenting Your Home - Misrepresenting your home online in the Multiple Listing Service is a sure way to upset buyers and their Realtors.  Potential buyers viewing a home might think what a cute house but when they drive by the home and end seeing all the junk that's in the yard!  Interior photos of the listing can also be deceiving.  Some photos are enhanced to make the homes look brighter.

 9.  Poor Curb Appeal - First Impressions are so important.  You should trim the hedges, mulch the beds, clean the gutters and power wash the exterior.  Every detail counts. If the front yard is not inviting they might not get out of their car to see the home expecting that the interior will be the same.

 10.  Clutter - Inside and Out - Less is more!  It should start with your closets.  Your closets should be half-full with nothing on the floor.  If it's full, buyers will feel that there is not enough storage space.  Kitchens and built-in should show spaciousness. Have no more than three countertop appliances and have the book shelves divided into thirds - One third books, one third vases and pictures, and one third empty.  Home offices should be generic as well to make sure there are no distractions.


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